The brand “Nalyvka from Lviv” was born back in 1997. Today, the range of “Nalyvok from Lviv” has 32 types: 24 tinctures and 8 liqueurs.

It took six years to create the traditional Galician recipes, to establish the production technology, and to develop the brand style. But first there was the passionate passion of several generations of one Galician family, which allowed him to start a successful business.

Tinctures are made according to ancient Galician recipes based on natural berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables, which are harvested seasonally on the best farms in Western Ukraine.

Nalivky from Lviv is the only chain of stores in Ukraine – a cafe of natural certified liqueurs of its own production, which has 13 specialized cafe shops. Since 2017, the network has been actively developing in the cities of Ukraine and abroad, presenting “Nalyvka from Lviv” in franchise projects.

We are open to dialogue with everyone who appreciates the quality of alcoholic beverages.

Terms of cooperation:

  1. The calculation of the lump sum within the territory of Ukraine and for European countries is carried out individually depending on a number of factors (city, population, location)
  2. Available products are provided with a discount of up to 55%
  3. The average investment for a store (bar or cafe) is calculated depending on the condition of the premises, area and design.

General requirements for the building:

  1. Recommended location of the building in the central part of the city.
  2. Room area above 40 sq.m.
  3. Room ventilation project.
  4. The possibility of arranging a small summer terrace is welcome
  5. The ramp.

What do you get by buying a franchise from the brand “Nalivky from Lviv”:

  1. The right to use the TM
  2. Using of existing business model
  3. Calculation of profitability and payback of the institution
  4. Training and certification of staff
  5. Franchisee’s guide with instructions, rules, documentation for doing business.
  6. Menu and technology cards
  7. Marketing support and design services.
  8. Support by the franchise manager to solve operational issues.
  9. Training systems for employees.
  10. Updating the menus according to seasonality and market changes.
  11. Polygraphy for marketing events.

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